Big Pick-4 carryover on Friday. Blue tail dumb? Your thoughts?

May 10, 2012 | Live Horse Racing

Laughing it up at the Manitoba horse racing awards banquet.

Hamming it up at the Horse Racing Awards!

by George

There’s a huge carryover of $5,169 in the special 15% takeout Pick-4 Friday night so you’ll want to make sure you do your handicapping early and watch for Rob’s insights here tomorrow morning. Live horse racing this weekend takes place on Friday (First Post 7 p.m.), Saturday (7 p.m.) and Mother’s Day Sunday (1 p.m.).

Thinking about Mother’s Day, did you know there was a horse at Assiniboia Downs with the same Mom as the Kentucky Derby winner? Maybe Balooga Bull will make his dam famous too. He was named the Assiniboia Downs 2011 Horse of the Year at the recent awards banquet, much luckier than the local horseplayer who got shut out (not by ASD) trying to bet the Kentucky Derby superfecta that paid gazillions.

Also in this week’s Insider Newsletter: Darren Dunn calls the NHL playoffs as a horse race (Cool!); Horse whisperer Paul Nolan bags two on opening day; How to get into the Las Vegas horseplayer tournament for free; Black Caviar shoots for her 21st straight win; Chef Michael throws buffet buffs a delicious curve; and Hansen’s blue tail. We’ve got photos of that.

Sorry I don’t agree. Painting a classy, tough racehorse’s tail blue before a big race seems akin to putting a bow in the hair of NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin before a playoff game. What do you think?

You can add your comments, fittingly, at the rear end of this blog post… just not in blue. And after that…

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