Insider Newsletter Preview: Slurpy and Snickers?

May 17, 2012 | Live Horse Racing

Horse laughing

Slurpy and Snickers?

by George

Have you read the May 17, 2012 issue of the Insider Newsletter yet? Here’s the short version:

I’ll Have Another takes on 10 rivals in the 137th running of the Preakness Stakes this Saturday. If he wins he has a shot at being the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years. You can catch the simulcast of the race at the Downs. Local horse owner Barry Arnason had a bit of a Triple Crown evening of his own last Friday, with horses at Assiniboia Downs and Hollywood Park.

Canadian jockette Chantal Sutherland was shedding some inhibitions in a photo shoot with “10” Bo Derek recently while new local jockey Robert Reeves Jr. was appearing in quite a few photos of his own in the Winner’s circle – four in one day in fact.

There’s only three days left to qualify for the Vegas Tourney discounts and don’t forget that tomorrow is the first of four “Get Serious with Scott” workshops for newbies and players who want to “get serious” about winning at the track. And two miniature horses, Slurpy and Snickers, will make their debut in the Downs’ petting zoo on Father’s Day weekend.

Slurpy and Snickers? Read more in this week’s Insider Newsletter.