Assiniboia Downs does not get a penny in Government Subsidies – Stories and Links

Apr 24, 2013 | Live Horse Racing

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Despite what you may have read or heard lately about Assiniboia Downs, we’d like to set the record straight.

Assiniboia Downs is a half-century old landmark entertainment facility and a major contributor to the Manitoba economy. Our industry creates nearly 500 full-time jobs a year and has, over the past 20 years, contributed nearly $70 million in revenue to provincial coffers, thereby proudly supporting our community’s most important public services.

Yet, the Government of Manitoba continues to falsely state that we receive a $9.5 million public subsidy. This is like saying hotels, bars, lounges and casinos get public subsidies when, in fact, those dollars are generated by the patrons who frequent these establishments.

The truth is that if you have never visited Assiniboia Downs, you have never provided a penny in financial support to us. In fact, all revenue for Assiniboia Downs is generated at Assiniboia Downs.

Yes, we are taking the Manitoba Government and the Red River Exhibition to court and have also asked the RCMP to conduct an investigation. You can read more in our April 3, 2013 Press Release: Manitoba Jockey Club granted full, expedited review, ask RCMP to investigate possible criminal conduct. That’s because we have many reasons to believe they are jointly trying to force us to hand over our land to the Ex without them paying for it. Even worse, because things are being done behind our backs, we believe the tactics are totally unfair and may be illegal.

Some Manitobans might call this dirty pool. We believe it’s just not the Manitoba way to do business.

We encourage you to make your voices heard and to continue to support a vital industry that has been part of our Manitoba fabric since it originally began at Whittier Park almost a century ago.

We have provided a selection of links below to stories published on Web sites that Assiniboia Downs is not associated with. These links are for informational purposes only. We invite you to read through all the stories and come to your own conclusions. We also welcome your comments below and encourage you to share this blog post via your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter if you are so inclined after reading.

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