Nolan and Simpson win a pair apiece on Friday night at ASD

May 25, 2013 | Live Horse Racing, Live Racing


Paul Nolan gives General Day a well-deserved pat after winning the 8th race on Friday night.

Nolan gets to within one of Husbands, Sayler maintains trainer standings lead

by George

Paul Nolan and Trevor Simpson each won a pair of races and Chris Husbands scored once to maintain his slim lead in the rider standings on Friday night at the Downs.

Renaldo Cumberbatch coaxed much run out of River Spirit ($9.60) from the inside in the first race to defeat heavily favoured Bunny Said Dance for trainer Tanya Lindsay after a long stretch duel. It was Cumberbatch’s first win of the year and he looked good getting it done! Tori Gandia did similar from the outside in the second race when she took down another heavy favourite, Vice is Nice, with Smiling Baby ($8.30) for trainer Tom Gardipy.

Runaway Red ($4.80) survived a foul claim to win the third race for trainer Aaron Sayler after lugging in mildly in the stretch and bothering runner-up Mis Guided Missile, ridden by Skyler Whiteshield.

Paul Nolan survived a double duel aboard heavy favourite Zaccheus ($3.00) for trainer Ardell Sayler. Not sure how good this horse is but he’s certainly shown a solid winning attitude so far at the Downs.

Chris Husbands and trainer Blair Miller teamed up to win the fifth race with Freaky ($10.80), who got a perfect trip stalking a duel from the outside. Trevor Simpson won the sixth race aboard Aunt Doris ($9.30) for trainer Irene Britton and the seventh aboard lone speed Racing Cajun ($8.70) for trainer Jerry Gourneau.

Paul Nolan won his second of the night in the eighth race aboard the heavily favoured General Day ($3.40) for trainer Rob Atras, who has compiled a stellar record of 4-1-1 in eight starts at the Downs this year. Nice work Rob!

Trainer Ardell Sayler’s win gave him six victories and kept him one win ahead of Jerry Gourneau and Chad Torevell in the standings. Jockey Chris Husbands maintained his slim 12-11 lead over Paul Nolan in the rider standings, with Jennifer Reid sitting alone in third with nine wins. Trevor Simpson and Tori Gandia moved into a tie for fourth with six wins apiece.

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